Graduate and Professional Education

Mercer is required to make available information regarding the types of graduate and professional education in which baccalaureate degree recipients enroll.  The University obtained these data through the National Student Clearinghouse Student Tracker, which provides information on enrollment and graduation.

Information about the types of graduate or professional degrees is only available when a student has graduated, thus the degree types listed below represent degree recipients and not enrollments. These data were captured from 2008-2013 bachelor degree recipients and were categorized according to the table at the bottom of this page.

College of Liberal Arts

One-third of the post baccalaureate degrees reported for CLA graduates were in Social Service Professions (with two-thirds of those in Law). Health Professions degrees were reported for one-quarter (with 50% of those as terminal degrees in  Medicine and Pharmacy). A smaller proportion received degrees in Education and Arts and Humanities; followed by Business; Biological Sciences and Natural Resources; Social Sciences; Physical Sciences, Math, and Computer Science; Communications, Media and Public Relations; and Engineering.

Stetson School of Business and Economics

Business graduates primarily earned post baccalaureate degrees in Business. A small proportion earned degrees in Social Service Professions (primarily Law); followed by Education; Health Professions; Biological Sciences and Natural Resources; and Communications, Media, and Public Relations.

School of Engineering

Engineering graduates primarily earned post baccalaureate degrees in Engineering. A small proportion earned degrees in Business and Health Professions (with 40% of those as terminal degrees in Medicine); followed by Physical Sciences, Math, and Computer Science; Education; Social Service Professions; and Social Sciences.

Tift College of Education

Data from Education graduates indicate that most post baccalaureate degrees were in Education. A very small proportion received Social Service Professional degrees (Law).

Townsend School of Music

Music graduates primarily earned post baccalaureate degrees in Arts and Humanities (Music). A very small proportion earned degrees in Business; Education; Social Service Professions (Law); and Engineering.

College of Professional Advancement 

Post baccalaureate degrees reported for graduates of the College of Professional Advancement fall primarily in the following categories: Social Service Professions, Education, and Business. A much smaller proportion earned degrees in Social Sciences; Arts and Humanities; Health Professions; and Engineering.

Georgia Baptist College of Nursing

Nursing graduates primarily earned post baccalaureate degrees in Health Professions (Nursing).  A very small proportion earned degrees in other Health Profession (Public Health) and Business.


Degree Fields

Arts and Humanities Arts, Architecture (fine and applied); Art History; English Language and Literature; French Language and Literature; Spanish Language and Literature; Other Languages and Literature; History; Humanities; Music; Philosophy; Religion; Theater or Drama; Other Fine and Performing Arts; Other Humanities.
Biological Sciences & Natural Resources Biology (general); Agriculture; Biochemistry; Biophysics; Biomedical Science; Botany; Cell and Molecular Biology; Environmental Science; Marine Science; Microbiology; Natural Resources and Conservation; Neuroscience; Physiology; Developmental Biology; Zoology; Other Biological or Agricultural Sciences.
Physical Sciences, Math, and  Computer Science Physical Sciences (general); Astronomy; Atmospheric Science; Chemistry; Computer Science; Earth Science; Mathematics; Physics; Statistics; Other Physical Sciences.
Social Sciences Social Sciences (general); Anthropology; Economics; Ethnic Studies; Gender Studies; Geography; International Relations; Political Science; Psychology; Sociology; Other Social Sciences.
Communications, Media, and Public Relations Communications (general); Broadcast Communications; Journalism; Mass Communication and Media Studies; Public Relations and Advertising; Speech; Telecommunications; Other Communications.
Business Accounting; Business Administration; Entrepreneurial Studies; Finance; Hospitality and Tourism; International Business; Management; Management Information Systems; Marketing; Supply Chain Management; Organizational Leadership; Other Business.
Education Education (general); Business Education; Early Childhood Education; Elementary; Middle School, and Secondary Education; Mathematics Education; Music or Art Education; Physical Education; Social Studies Education; Science Education; Special Education; Other Education.
Engineering Engineering (general); Aero-Astronautical Engineering; Bioengineering; Biomedical Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Computer Engineering and Technology; Electrical or Electronic Engineering; Materials Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Petroleum Engineering; Software Engineering; Other Engineering.
Health Professions Allied Health; Dentistry; Health Science; Health Technology; Healthcare Administration and Policy; Kinesiology; Medicine; Nursing; Nutrition; Occupational Safety and Health; Occupational Therapy; Pharmacy; Physical Therapy; Public Health; Rehabilitation Services; Other Health Professions.
Social Service Professions Counseling; Criminal Justice; Criminology; Forensics; Justice Administration; Law; Military Science; Public Administration; Public Policy; Public Safety and Emergency Management; Social Work; and Urban Planning.

The major degree fields were derived from Mercer's 2013 NSSE Major Field Report.