Post-Graduate Employment Information

Undergraduate Students at the time of graduation (2015 data)

Students who graduated in spring 2015 were asked to complete a Career Services Survey during the Macon commencement ceremony. Not all graduates attended commencement, and not all graduates at commencement completed the survey.

The results of the survey are displayed below with percentages of graduates who either were employed or had been accepted into graduate school at the time of graduation: 

Traditional Macon Campus Graduates
Accepted or enrolled in a program of continuing education
Employed or accepted a job offer
Employed or accepted job offer AND/OR Accepted or enrolled in program of continuing education

Non-Traditional Atlanta Campus and RAC Graduates (2014 data)
Employed at the time of graduation

Graduate and Professional Students

The following is a list of percentages of graduates who were either employed or enrolled in a graduate program within one year after graduation:

Employed or Enrolled in a Graduate Program Within One Year After Graduation
Combined Totals
2012 2013 2014
Law Graduates 87.32% 87.89%86.01%
Medicine Residency Placements
100% 100%97.98%
Physician Assistant Graduates 81% 73%100%
Physical Therapy Graduates
N/A 100%100%
Nursing Graduates 92% 85%96%
Theology Graduates
73% 77%69%