Campus Emergency Procedures

For Immediate Emergency Response

In the event of an emergency, please contact Mercer Police at:

  • (478) 301-2970 (Macon Campus)
  • (678) 547-6358 (Atlanta Campus)

Mercer University Emergency Preparedness Plan

The Mercer University Emergency Preparedness Plan guides emergency preparedness, response, and recovery procedures and goals.  The plan applies to a broad range of emergency incidents, which are classified according to their severity and potential impact.  Mercer University will activate the Emergency Management Team in the event of a natural or man-made disaster on the Macon or Atlanta campuses.  In addition, an Emergency Operations Center has been established on each campus. The Emergency Management Team will operate from the Administration building on the affected campus.

The University community cooperates with an established procedure on each campus to promptly report all incidents which present a concern or threat for public safety to the Mercer Police Department.  The Mercer Police Department:

  1. Operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  The Mercer Police routinely patrol university properties to monitor and ensure public safety. 
  2. The Mercer Police dispatcher, shift supervisor, and officers gather information on reported concerns or observed conditions to quickly assess the severity and potential impact of an incident or situation, and determine the incident classification:
    1. Level 1:  Minor, localized area or building, can be resolved with current resources
    2. Level 2:  Major emergency that disrupts sizable portion of the campus
    3. Level 3:  Disaster involving entire campus & surrounding community
  3. Once the Mercer Police confirm that a potentially dangerous condition or emergency situation is creating risk for students, employees, and visitors on the campus, an appropriate response plan will be implemented without delay. 

Mercer can select from multiple methods for distribution of mass notifications to the university community or communicate directly to specific groups in order to provide instructions addressing immediate public safety concerns. 

  1. The Mercer Police Department, Senior Vice President & Chief of Staff, or the Senior Assistant Vice President for Marketing Communications determines the appropriate content of emergency communications and warnings.  That notice will confirm that there is an emergency, will determine which segments of the campus community must be warned, and will be sent to the campus community without delay, unless sending such a message will, in the professional judgment of the responsible campus authorities, compromise the effort to deal with the emergency or rescue a victim.
  2. The Senior Vice President & Chief of Staff, or the Senior Assistant Vice President for Marketing Communications determines when Mercer University should disseminate emergency information to local community officials.  The Senior Vice President & Chief of Staff will disseminate information to local media outlets and/or will be responsible for having the Mercer University Website updated to reflect the current status of the emergency.
  3. The communication systems are:
    1. RAVE Cell Phone alert system, which also distributes the alert to targeted campus network phones.
    2. Information postings on the Mercer University Online Homepage
    3. Targeted emails for geographic, academic, social, and other specified groups
    4. Bibb County Civil Defense siren (Macon Campus only)
    5. Emergency contact lists for administration and academic officials, along with local emergency responders

The Mercer Police shift supervisor or dispatcher will initiate calls to appropriate local emergency responders and contact appropriate university officials based upon the nature of the emergency.  The Mercer University Emergency Management Team is:

  1. The President
  2. Senior Vice President & Chief of Staff
  3. Executive Vice President for Administration & Finance
  4. Vice President & General Counsel
  5. Provost
  6. Vice President, Atlanta Campus
  7. Senior Assistant Vice President, Marketing Communications
  8. Assistant Vice President & Director of Environmental, Health, & Safety

Emergency response actions are guided by Mercer’s established emergency response goals:

  1. To protect life safety
  2. To secure critical infrastructures and facilities
  3. To resume the teaching and research programs

Mercer University will conduct periodic tests of communication systems at least once per year. Also, the institution will utilize both table top exercises and staged emergency response events to evaluate effectiveness of the emergency preparedness plan.  Mercer University will publicize the emergency response and evacuation procedures with at least one test per year. 

The Emergency Management Team will:

  1. Document equipment tests and training exercises, including a description of the test, the date and time of the test, and whether the test was announced or unannounced.
  2. Analyze the outcome of equipment tests and training exercises.
  3. Assess the need for improvements or enhancements to the Emergency Preparedness Plan based upon the outcome of equipment tests and training exercises.

Tornado Response Plan

Mercer Police maintain a Tornado Response Plan, including Tornado Safety Measures and information about Tornado Shelter Areas on the Macon Campus and Atlanta Campus

Student, employees, and visitors are advised: If a tornado is in your area, go to an interior hallway or closet on the lowest floor away from windows

Updated 9/15/15