Financial Assistance

Financial Aid at Mercer

At its simplest level, financial aid is money provided to help bridge the gap between your family's own resources and the amount needed to pay for the cost of attending Mercer University. The primary responsibility for meeting the cost of a Mercer education rests with the student and his/her family. Eligibility for financial aid is based on Mercer University's Cost of Attendance minus the amount the Federal Government expects your family to contribute towards that cost. The formula for determining this contribution, as written into federal law, takes into account your family's income and assets. Financial aid administered by Mercer may only be used for educational purposes (e.g. tuition, room, board, books, supplies, etc.).

Most financial aid programs at Mercer are awarded on the basis of need, although some assistance is awarded in recognition of academic merit and achievement. Some aid is gift aid (grant and scholarship), some is in the form of Institutional Aid and Endowments, some you must earn (work-study), and some is in the form of long-term loans (you must repay) designed to extend the financing of your education beyond the years of enrollment. Our primary objective is to assist as many students as possible and to provide access to Mercer University for all qualified individuals.

To receive federal funds administered by the Office of Student Financial Planning, you must have a high school diploma (or equivalent), be enrolled as a regular student (e.g. not a special admit, transient or audit student) in a degree-granting program at least half-time (six hours), have a valid social security number, be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen and be making satisfactory academic progress toward completion of your degree. You must not owe a refund on any federal grant and must not be in default on any student loan previously received. You must be registered with the Selective Service and the Immigration and Naturalization Service if required by law to do so. You must not have been rendered ineligible for federal aid as a result of a drug conviction. Suspected cases of fraud or abuse will be reported to the US Office of Inspector General.

Financial Aid Information

The following links are provided in compliance with HEOA regulations to give students and parents relevant information about obtaining financial aid and applicable policies and procedures at Mercer.